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Madison House Farms offers all things to do with the Tennessee Walking Horse: training, horse sales (both Show horse and Pleasure horse), breeding, boarding, lessons, trail rides, horse with carriage rentals, and group hay rides. If it has to do with horses we can make it happen!



Perris is one of the last “rural” areas before entering the city of Riverside. Centrally located, Madison House Farms services all of California and is reaching World Wide into the new Tennessee Walking Horse market area. Cradled between Lake Mathews and Lake Perris, the “dark” valley is surrounded by picturesque mountain ranges and a Western movie like appeal complete with Joshua trees, cotton tail rabbits, and brown squirrels. You’ll be the star of your own western as you wind along nearby trails riding some of the finest gaited horses this side of the Mississippi.


Lake Perris


Lake Mathews


Madison House Farms is a full-service stable. Boarders have access to master farriers (horse podiatrist), horse dentistry, 24 hour vet service, home grown or locally grown organic mixed hay, top of the line grain mix, Woody Pet professional bedding (used the world over for its recognized health benefits and increased stall sanitation), mare and foal birthing room with computer-camera access (so you can see the birth from home), as well as on-site staff available 24 hours a day. Horse transportation services are available, contact us for pricing.


Breeding service management from start to finish…contact for stud fees or allow us to help you with insemination as well as mare and foal care.


Madison House Farms is the local distributor of all Woody Pet products–contact us for more information. Click here to read more about Woody Pet products.

Woody Pet is:
Recommended and Used By Professional Trainers, Breeders & Veterinarians World Wide!
What is it?

• Superior odor & moisture absorbing bedding material

• Manufactured from 100% natural softwood fiber

• Extreme bedding absorbency reduces ammonia odors

• Low dust reduces respiratory problems

• Reduces bedding cost, waste & cleaning time

• Animals stay cleaner & healthier longer

• Biodegradable & composts quickly



Madison House Farms is the perfect place for a family gathering.



Parents are amazed how quickly small ones learn the basics of horse riding with our knowledgeable instructors.



Join us for night riding, it has become all the rage at the barn. Take your sweetie out for a ride under the big yellah moon!